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Worship and fellowship in spirit and truth digitally. Every Sunday at 11:00am. 

To Join by Phone:

1) Call 1-669-900-6833.

2) When prompted, dial 315-984-2868 # (pound key after the number.)

3) You will be asked for another ID- ignore this and just press # again.

4) Next, it will ask for a password- this is 882685.

5) You will now enter the meeting. You will be muted automatically to reduce talking over each other.

To Join Online:

1) Click the following link:

Note: If this is your first time joining us on Zoom, you will be asked to download and install the app. Allow your computer to do this.

2) Once you join the meeting, it will ask if you want to join with video or without- this is entirely up to you.

3) It will next ask about audio- choose "computer audio." 

To Join on the Zoom App:

1) Download the Zoom app on your smartphone.

2) Tap "Join," then enter the code 315-984-2868. 

3) The password is Church, case-sensitive.

If you have a Bible, song book, or communion supplies, feel free to have them ready to go when you join the meeting.

We are still new to this process and adjusting to these unusual circumstances. Please bear with us as we try to provide a spiritually fulfilling worship service for you and your family. 

Church on Zoom: About
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